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v. Mladezhko

Author: , 20.5 km From Brashlyan.    , Адрес: Malko Tarnovo, с. Младежко, GPS coordinates: N 42.1538516    E 27.3711645
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 In southeastern Bulgaria, 28 kilometers from the town of Malko Tarnovo and 50 km from Bourgas is situated the village Youth. Seven kilometers to the west to pull off the main road Bourgas - Malko Tarnovo and sink into the cool of virgin nature, accompanied us the peace radiated from old trees, fresh unique Strandja vegetation and sparkling clean rivers. Located at an altitude of 220 meters.

 Around the village Youth eponymous river bends. The village has existed since ancient times, according to studies, but no accurate data when it was actually created, found the remains of Late Bronze and Early Iron Age. In the late 19th and early 20th century the village had told Karamlak which means Dark River, early residents were Bulgarians from 1829. begin to settle and Turks. During the time when the Balkan wars fought in the village shelter refugees from Eastern Thrace. At that time, 1929. began construction of the so-called "Sharon house" - so named after the name of its creator Frenchman Rene Sharon and built by the state specifically for refugees, some of them can be seen today. Name Karamlak settlement brings to 1958. When it was renamed in honor of Youth in the young, who built a road along the river. Near the village there are caves inhabited since ancient times, "Leyarnitsite." Only a mile to the west are remote ruins of "Great Fortress" - the largest late ancient Bulgarian fortress in Strandja Mountain, covering an area of ​​41.5 ha., Surrounded on three sides by walls of equal thickness throughout the wall, built of crushed stones without mortar is used, with rectangular towers exported out today can be seen only parts of them, inside the fortress is situated the cave "Citadel", in studies it found ceramic objects from the late Middle Ages, covering the period between 12 14th century., iron, bronze bracelet, an impressive statue of a horse in bronze. During excavations of the fortress were found much evidence of late antiquity, connecting the emergence and development of metallurgy in the region. Until nowadays have reached a very valuable coins from the time of Constantine and Theodosius I. To lead a number of famous landmarks marked trails. Day 28 August, when it celebrates Virgin Mary was admitted to the village Youth Day, they gather many of the traditional council. Nature has found that town astonishes with purity, surround it scenic canyons in the crystal clear waters are seen floating trout, the caves are very valuable species of bat colonies. There he met and very rare in our country Egyptian Vulture.

  Near the village are becoming better known cold karst springs, they were known at the time of Ottoman rule, were built pools to which many people go to seek healing for many diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous system, rheumatism ... believers in non-traditional medicine even spend nights under the open sky with faith and prayers for good health. Amazing combination of magnificent scenery, mysterious caves, ancient fortress and healing springs. This enchanting paradise of Strandja becomes attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. For convenience and for an interesting and relaxing holiday built small cozy cottages, bungalows, you can enjoy a closer contact with nature and their tents under a beautiful starry sky.

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