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Shiroka Laka - 21.2 km от Devin
13 места за настаняване
Yagodina - 23.6 km от Devin
10 места за настаняване
Trigrad - 26.4 km от Devin
40 места за настаняване
Gela - 28.3 km от Devin
10 места за настаняване
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Villa / house Ismena
Devin, 41 Goritca Str

Villa / house Ismena
Villa "Ismene" open year round and is suitable for hikers, skiers, cyclists, offers business meetings, seminars, etc.. kind of celebrations. The villa has: 3 apartments / bedroom, living room, minibar, satellite TV, radio, telephone,...

Villa / house Elvi
Devin, 7 Parvi May Str.

Villa / house Elvi
Welcome to an unforgettable holiday in our house "ELVI"! We offer a homely atmosphere and excellent facilities for your pleasant vacation. The house is located in the heart of beautiful Devon town near the park. Elvi House...

Villa / house Belovodski
Devin, Yazovir Vacha

Villa / house Belovodski
Welcome to the comfortable and cozy recreation facility! The base is located near the lake "Vacha" pretty close to s.Mihalkovo. Massive modern building consists of two floors and a total area of ​​84 sq.m for each floor, you have...

Villa / house Panorama
Devin, 1, Nastan, Sinchets Str.

Villa / house Panorama
Welcome to Our House Panorama! We provide a pleasant atmosphere, homey and excellent facilities and amenities for your more - holiday. The house is a typical Rhodope style located in a quiet location in the popular resort town...

Villa / house Gagovi Nivi
Devin, Мihalkovo

Villa / house Gagovi Nivi
Welcome to Eco Chiflik - Villas "Gagov FIELD" village Mihalkovo! Located in a beautiful area "Gagov Fields" near lake "Vacha". For its guests three cozy and fully detached villas available include an outdoor pool, St. George's...

Villa / house Kehayovi
Devin, mestnost „Inichevo”

Villa / house Kehayovi
Villa "Kehayovi" is located 7 km from Devin in "Inichevo" a quiet place with wonderful views of the nearby peaks of Rodopi. The guests are 2 bedrooms / 2 +1 / and 1 bedroom / 2 +2 / with kitchen. All rooms have private bathrooms....


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Hotel Hotel Veronika

5 days за 220.00 лв.
Hotel Hotel Veronika

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Hotel Hotel Veronika

10 days за 420.00 лв.

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в района на Devin

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387 metres
Rope garden Devin
783 metres
Elephant - Devin
975 metres
Mineral complex Struilitsa
3.5 km
виж всички 16 места близо до Devin

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