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Archeological Reserve, "Kaliakra"

Author: , 2.3 km From Kavarna.    
Archeological Reserve, "Kaliakra", Picture
Archeological Reserve, "Kaliakra", Picture 1Archeological Reserve, "Kaliakra", Picture 2Archeological Reserve, "Kaliakra", Picture 3

  Kavarna is a small town of Dobrich is situated on the Northern Black Sea coast, south of the cape. Passes along a small creek and into the picturesque bay surrounded by steep limestone cliffs, the view is exhilarating night especially if you come to a romantic walk along the beach, you will be enchanted by the sea breeze, the bright moonlight and the sound of rough sea .

   Because of this lovely atmosphere look forward to summer to delve into the fascination of paradise places along our coast. Not only natural resources attract many tourists to seaside resorts, but it is historical and cultural heritage preserved for lovers of precious, timeless things in our lives. 18 km. of Kavarna and a few kilometers from the village of Kamen Beach is located on the National Archeological Reserve "Kaliakra" known as "Yailata", the name is Turkish and it translates to high pasture, spans a large area, with acres okolo300 Altitude 50 - 60 meters. The landscape is varied, rugged terrain change with deep ravines, the height of the terrain makes it possible to inherit the incredible view, which opens it to the limitless horizon, down to the sea. In the depths and found many historical sites proving that this is bubbling life before Christ. When excavation is found to exist Byzantine fortress which partly stand four towers of the gate stands are stone staircase. Interest are found objects of clay, bronze, copper, antique coins, based on archaeological material is assumed that the fortress was built 5-6 century, existed until the end of the 6th century and was burned prom. From antiquity have reached us and parts of sacrificial stone shrine carved tombs. There are remains of two other cemeteries representing tombs, one is formed around the sanctuary dug in the rock and the other with larger tombs are characterized by an image of a bull's head, which is only open ukrasa.Oskadnite found objects - bronze and iron buckles, clay pots, cups, coins, beads and a few skeletons in a grave show that they were family tombs.

   There are many caves, is supposed to be inhabited by white people since ancient times, some of them are visible signs and drawings in the Middle Ages were divided into a monastery complex. Besides the valuable historical and architectural monuments there unique flora and fauna with many rare species. In the reserve passes migration route of migratory birds Via Pontiac, meet cormorants, plovers, papunyatsi, small and great bustard, once swam here are seals, but have long since disappeared, and recorded in the Red Book. Great value and remains have remained under water in the bay, played a significant role in shipping. The area "Yailata" in 1989. was declared an archaeological reserve. Transmitted from generation legend says that here was hiding in his last days the Roman poet Ovid.

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Tania kamenova, 13.03.2012

Prekrasno miasto! Vse o6te ne e razvaleno,kakto iujnoto 4ernomorie!

Katia Koeva, 13.05.2012

Mestoto e Strahotno svarzano s detstvoto mi no istoriata nee palna kade ostavat 40 devoiki okovani v verigi koito za da ne otidat v haremite na tyrcite skacat ot skalata imat i pametnik tam

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