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Ethnographic Museum - Elhovo

Author: , 854 metres From Elhovo.    , Адрес: Elhovo, ул. Шипка 4 , GPS coordinates: N 42.1749296    E 26.5739053
Ethnographic Museum - Elhovo, Picture
Ethnographic Museum - Elhovo, Picture 1Ethnographic Museum - Elhovo, Picture 2Ethnographic Museum - Elhovo, Picture 3Ethnographic Museum - Elhovo, Picture 4

  Along the Lower Tunja in a quiet border region is situated the town of Elhovo, occurred as early as the Thracians, then bore Orouditsa of 1925 received its present name. In this part of the Bulgarian population has preserved many distinctive traditions and customs. There are also a beautiful and pure a heavenly spot. Museum was opened in 1958 with the presentation of the museum collection of ethnographic character. In 1966 was established as an ethnographic museum. Its location is in two storey buildings in the center of Elhovo, built in 1933 and merged into one in the sixties. The building has undergone reconstruction and architectural design consistent with the required criteria for creation of a museum. It held about 22 000 exhibits and 13,800 of them constitute the main part of the collections at the museum to visitors.

  The exhibits are divided into different departments: - "Agriculture and Livestock", "Housing and living arrangements," "Transportation, hunting, fishing," "Clothing and jewelry," "fabrics and embroideries," "Traditional Crafts", "Art Folk Art ". Museum has collected documentary photo archive over 8000 photos and documents related to the history of this region from the liberation until today. It can be seen and exhibits impressive for its fine craftsmanship, artistry and original form, particularly artistic and scientific value are the collections in "clothing and jewelry" and "fabrics and embroideries." Besides objects made by indigenous peoples of Strandja-Sakar region are exposed and collections of Bulgarian immigrants from Adrianople and Aegean Thrace. Today's unique exhibition was opened on 3 April 1971. located in four rooms of 244 square meters space. First visitors become acquainted with the city's history from the late 19th century dealt with a number of copper-crafts, tailoring and livelihood of the population, viticulture, livestock, fishing and hunting, tobacco. The second room is allotted for housing and housing layout. It is picturesque hall with an exhibition of original authentic festive and everyday clothing from the southeastern end, traditional men's and women's suits and clothing interesting Bulgarian settlers. The fourth room are some holidays and customs - lazarouvane, at Christmas, mummers' games to the typical wedding props to them, a ritual character, numerous photographs and precious objects specific to that era. The exhibition ends with beautiful examples of iconographic art, exquisite carvings, the 19th century. Many of the objects were displayed in local and international exhibitions. Museum has a rich library has over 3050 volumes of specialized literature and 1,600 specialized journals accessible to large numbers of visitors, teachers and students. He also has a large exhibition hall, covering an area about 130 sq.m. filled with various thematic exhibitions are organized quizzes, workshops, presentations, videos are shown where the number of track holidays and customs.

   There appears part of the collection of archaeological finds in museum stores, weapons, fortifications, epigraphic monuments, jewelry, ceramics, religious cult objects, numismatics. Annual Ethnographic Museum has a great number of visitors, impressed by the architectural appearance and rich content of the various exhibits of great historical value. In recent years, the museum supports Bulgarian-German "Drama Research Project" supported by the University Saarlandski - Saarbrucken, Germany, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Tunja municipality, Yambol, Yambol History Museum. Four museum experts take care of the exhibits and visitors to the museum. Ethnographic Museum specializes in Elhovo occupies the honorary No. 100 among the hundred tourist sites in Bulgaria and was awarded the medal "Cyril and Methodius".


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