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Brashlian Village

, 106 metres From Brashlyan.    , GPS coordinates: N 42.0463736    E 27.4281008
Brashlian Village, Picture
Brashlian Village, Picture 1Brashlian Village, Picture 2Brashlian Village, Picture 3Brashlian Village, Picture 4

Among all villages in Strandja Ivy is the most authentic, so it is declared an architectural reserve in the eighties of the last century. Located 64 km from Bourgas and 14 km from the municipal center of Malko Tarnovo. Permanent residents are only 40 people, but will wonder what life boils in this small picturesque village, especially in summer. With many years of working Brashlyan, the village has become a mandatory part of the route of each tour group visited Strandja. The old name of the village is Sarmashik with the name entered in the history. Current place of the village is from the late XVII and early XVIII century. The first inhabitants of Sarmashik hut came from three villages - Location, yurta and Mercury. The main occupation was animal husbandry. The houses in the village of Ivy, which are typical representatives of the Strandja architecture, give a unique atmosphere and charm of the village. Extremely clean of decorations and ornaments to, they are built to withstand the weather and the attacks of varluvashtite centuries robber gangs throughout the Strandja region. In Ivy outlines two types of construction - the oldest type of houses are single and are built around the seventeenth century., In - late in the first half of the nineteenth century. Appear two-storey houses. Their ground floor was used for barn and upstairs family lived. Residents of Sarmashik participate actively in the struggle for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. Bleed both Greek national -osvoboditelno movement in 1821, and the uprising in 1903. From here it is passed even Vasil Levski and the house in which slept, you can see today. The village makes history with Sarmashik affair - on April 2, 1903 Baluvata house houses chieftain Pano Angelov and rebel Nikola Rivashola, but was surrounded by Turkish army. The rebels were shot and their bodies were loaded on bullock carts to be shown as an example in the surrounding villages. The tragic fate of the two rebels leader Yani Popov inspired to write the hymn of Strandja -pesenta "Clear moon has now" sung by - the latest Sava Popsavov folk singer, born in the village of Ivy. In suppressing the uprising in 1903 badly undermined the village, all houses were plundered and ruined, and its population has fled. One of the symbols of Ivy's "St.. Dimitar ", built in the late seventeenth century. Upon an ancient Thracian sanctuary dedicated to Dionysus - God of wine and fertility. As a typical representative of the local Renaissance architecture, the church was declared a cultural monument in 1975, a few years - and later as an architectural monument of national importance. The church is unique with its other feature - in the pulpit and built a marble altar of God Zeus, Dionysus, with an inscription in ancient Greek. Adjacent to the church is a religious school, architectural and cultural monument, which was restored in its authentic form and is open for visits. In the village you can see more Museum of traditional lifestyle and culture, where in a specially constructed shed and around the garden are arranged exhibits of life of local people - old farm tools, many photos, textiles, pipe hive and many others. Will explain what sledge, swap hook, pàleshnik, and find out what they look like and what it was used. Be sure to check the ethnographic museum located in the 150 - year Strandja house is preserved in authentic form. Intercom premises will return in years when electricity and there was no TV, and people have shared a bite and his bed. You'll see a lot of old family photos, authentic costumes, typical fireplace, stone built into the wall, refrigerator and Strandja Strandja eco toilet.

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