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Biosphere reserve Bistrishko branishte

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 Biosphere reserve Bistrishko branishte, Picture

 Ore-dressing is a biosphere reserve formed with park Vitosha. As a biosphere reserve was declared in 1977 by UNESCO. It is part of the global network of biosphere reserves, which were created under the Man and the Biosphere. The network of protected areas that represent major ecosystems on Earth and aims to dangerous nature and the study of science in the interest of the people.

Located below the peaks Large and Small Slice and Skoparnik of Vitosha eastern slope, the reserve covers currents of Yanchevska and Bistrishtka river. Rivers originate in the tops of stone cairns. The reserve is e length about 4.5 km and width - 3 km. The purpose of the announcement of Bistritza reserve is to preserve ecosystems and species of spruce zone subalpite. Forests cover nearly 51% of the area, while the rest is covered by stone cairns and alpine grassland areas with prevailing spruce mixed with beech. You may encounter and aspen, birch, rowan, very rare white fir and spruce. The forest has an average age of 100-120 years, and the trees have an average height of over 25 meters. 150 years the oldest trees spruce. Representatives of grass species in the reserve are rabbit sorrel, woodruff, vransko eye, and many others.

As for the climate - conditions are very harsh. The annual average temperature is between 10 C and 50 C, in the high mountains in the period from November to April temperatures are negative values. The average length of the snow is from 80 to 200 days, and the thickness is 1.5 - 2 m ..

You can move only on marked trails that start away. Aleko for Bistrica. Unique to reserve stone rivers representing accumulated rock kusove a different shape

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